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Case: Shopping Mall


  • We partnered with one of Europe’s largest luxurious shopping mall chains
  • They had little insights into customer behavior and overall traffic flows between floors and individual stores
  • Several tenants had low store traffic and unsatisfactory performance due to uneven customer traffic between floors
  • It was not clear whether online ad campaigns were reaching target customers



  • We created customer-journey maps: analysis of floor-to-floor conversion and dwell time in different areas of the mall
  • Allowed for a highly tailored voucher campaign to incentivize higher floor visits and subsequent marketing performance measurement


  • 12% increase in traffic to higher floors due to successful marketing campaign
  • Increase in dwell time by 25% on promoted floor
  • Average revenue growth of 10% during the campaign period for tenants on promoted floor
  • 6% increase in returning visitors due to data-driven visitor retargeting

Big Data is a key value driver for brick-and-mortar retailers to succeed against the increasing e-Commerce competition. Data driven tools like Minodes and other start-ups can help to bridge the information gap of traditional stores and enable new levels of customer interaction.

Peter Breuer, Director McKinsey & Company’s Retail practice

Minodes’ business model is focused on delivering clear so-what messages to help retailers optimize operations and marketing activities. Getting a clear view on how in-store customers behave is a groundbreaking step for understanding how to better cater to your customers and increase loyalty and store productivity.

Klaus Appelhoff, Vice President EHI

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