Retarget retail shoppers across online channels

Deliver intelligent and customized messages to your most relevant consumer segments

Drive cross-channel conversion


Offline-to-Online Retargeting

Re-engage brick and mortar store visitors with targeted ad campaigns across devices, in order to create a seamless brand experience and to drive consumer traffic.


Online-to-Offline Retargeting

Convert online leads to retail store visitors by targeting them with intelligent and customized online ads in proximity to local stores. Measure results in real-world visitor conversion.


MiNODES matches offline customer data with online profiles and allows marketers to target more relevant ads to users than ever before

1) Identify Store Visitors

MiNODES records shop visitors and pedestrians via MiNODES in-store sensors. Powerful target audiences are created without having to rely on app installation, user logins, or Bluetooth. Capture rates are higher than any other matching technology used by advertisers today.


MiNODES re-engages consumers through tailored mobile and online marketing campaigns. Ads run across devices via popular channels such as Facebook, Google/Youtube, or premium mobile apps.

3) Drive Traffic

MiNODES-powered advertising campaigns trigger consumers to re-visit local retail stores, to convert to the online shop, or to download the brand app and purchase.