Advanced consumer insights

  • When are the peak hours in my stores?
  • At which entrance can visitor conversion be improved?
  • How long do customers dwell in specific store sections?
  • How do customers move through the store?
  • Which areas should be incentivized?
  • How many customers engage in cross-store shopping?
  • How does the weather affect visitor behavior?
  • Did changes in store layout reduce customer waiting time?
  • Has the change in store design led to higher customer engagement?
  • Is staff optimally aligned to fit the service level?

Boost store productivity, optimize the shopper experience

  • Benchmark store performance
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Optimize store layout and customer flow
  • Ensure minimal queuing times
  • Apply best practices across stores
  • Grow cross-store-shopping
  • Grow visitor and shopper conversion
  • Increase customer retention

We offer three retail analytics solutions to meet your specific business needs



Lightweight and scalable store performance benchmarking

  • Quantify location-specific traffic, dwell time, and loyalty
  • Identify new and returning customers
  • Compare over- and under-performing locations



Detailed insights into consumers’ in-store shopping behavior

  • Visualize the flow of consumers' in-store pathways
  • Identify the impact of design and layout on consumer traffic
  • A/B test stores with use of heat maps and waiting line analysis



Intelligence through data integration

  • We integrate additional data sources to ensure maximum capture rate and precision
  • We offer a broad array of technology to gain the insights that fit your needs
  • We integrate with and utilize your existing technological infrastructure, such as camera and cashier data

Intuitive consumer insights & KPIs