Drive store traffic and consumer engagement


Minodes provides consumer insights by integrating a comprehensive set of technologies and tools, including state-of-the-art Wifi analytics and and macro data from more than 46 million mobile connections.


is searching for a wireless network or a beacon

Wi-Fi Sensor

receives signal with the location of the visitor’s smartphone


all data is collected and aggregated anonymously

Data Analysis

via customized calculation methods

Data Insights

visualization via interactive 24/7 dashboard and email reporting


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  • Manage your store based on customer behavior insights
  • Measure and optimize conversion, footfall traffic, dwell time and sales
  • Optimize staffing to align with customer traffic at all times
  • Validate shop floor performance against benchmarks


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What does it take to install and integrate Minodes Analytics?

The installations of our Wi-Fi sensors are as easy as it gets: the sensors are a plug’n’play solution and only require access to standard power supply. Since they act as an independent network, they do not need to be integrated with any other systems in-store. Our installations team will set-up the system for you at the time of your convenience and the sensors will start collecting data right away. Additional data sources, such as camera systems or cashier data can be integrated depending on your needs. Camera systems will be installed by us, or by the system providers themselves.


What does it take to maintain Minodes' hardware?

The Minodes team is monitoring all installed sensors from the Berlin office and does all necessary hardware and data maintenance work remotely. This implies that you will not be having any extra efforts concerning system maintenance while being sure to always have an updated and running system. In the unlikely event of a hardware problem, the Wi-Fi sensor will be replaced within few days.


Where can I access the data of my store?

All data is anonymized, aggregated and analyzed before being uploaded into your personal dashboard, which you can access at any time. Your personalized dashboard intuitively visualizes shopper behavior and reveals patterns and trends. Additionally, Minodes will arrange regular meetings and workshops at your convenience to personally present more in-depth analysis of your shop floor and to derive implications for action.

What about the privacy protection of individuals?

Minodes complies with the German data privacy rights at all times. The Wi-Fi sensors do not collect any personal information related to shoppers. Further, all information gathered by Minodes is irreversibly encrypted. The anonymized data is sent over a secure connection to Minodes' servers and is only accessible to our clients in an aggregated form. This prevents drawing inferences about the behavior of individual personas. We offer opt-out to individuals. If you do not wish to have your device-specific data captured, provide us with your smartphone's MAC-ID in order for us to ensure that our system avoids tracing your device.

I would like to test a Minodes service. Who can I talk to?

Please contact our industry experts by phone +49 30 208 473 870 or send us an e-mail to and we will directly get back to you.

How much do Minodes' services cost?

Please contact us so that we can set up a customized package that serves your business needs best.