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How does WiFi Analytics work in retail stores?
WiFi signals, transmitted by mobile devices of customers, are captured by special sensors located in retail stores. Using this anonymized data, movement patterns and residence times can be determined. Due to data anonymization, behavior in stores cannot be tracked back to specific customers.

I do not want my data to be used for the analysis. What can I do?
You can opt out of providing your data for analysis at any time. There are two ways to opt out. You can switch off WiFi on your device when entering the retail store and/or exclude your device from the analysis using the following form.

What is a MAC address?
The MAC address (Media Access Control Address) is a hardware address. It is used for the technical communication of electronic devices (e.g., smartphone, tablet or laptop) in a network. Disable analytics of your phone by entering your smartphone’s MAC address.

How do I find the MAC address of my smartphone or tablet?

The MAC address of your iPhone or iPad can be found under Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address

The MAC address of your Android device can be found under Settings > About Phone > Status > WiFi MAC address