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Retail Recruiting: How Talent Management Works in Retail

It's never easy to find the best employees in the retail industry. Many workers seem to feel that working on the shop floor is not exactly their dream job, and well-qualified managers are hard to come by. For example, major American retailers like Target and Macy's struggled to find holiday recruits for Christmas 2016 due to the tight labour market. It's a tendency that looks set to grow, but targeted recruiting strategies can help. But let’s look in more detail at how strategic talent management can work for US retailers.

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There Is Only One Way of Winning Millennial Shoppers Over: You Have To S.I.N.G.

There are a lot of positive ways to describe millennial customers: they are smart, tech-savvy, conscious, and always up-to-date with the latest trends. And that is giving brands a hard time catering to their highly demanding needs. Selling your products and services to this new generation of potential customers isn’t that simple. But don’t worry, there are easy ways to satisfy even the most critical consumers – just remember to S.I.N.G. This smart abbreviation sums up all the requirements you need to fulfill in order to win over Gen Y customers. And if you feel like you have heard this somewhere before, you probably just like Sandra Bullock a lot (well, who doesn’t?). But since this is not about a beauty pageant movie, let’s cut it right to the chase and break down the four most essential rules on how to attract millennial customers.    

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7 Tips To Integrate Mobile Devices Into The Customer Journey

How many times have you already checked your phone today? Don’t worry; we are not trying to tell you that you are spending too much time on your smartphone. We just want to point out that these little devices are having much greater impact on our decision-making than we think including our purchasing behavior. But it seems like a lot of brands are not paying enough attention to such an essential part of consumer behavior. In fact, only 13 percent of direct media budgets are directed toward mobile advertising, according to Brain & Company

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Queuing is Annoying: 9 Ways to Turn Queues into a Positive Experience

Theme parks are amazing for many different reasons. But if you ask people what they hate about them their response will most likely be the same: everyone hates waiting in line. And it should not come as a surprise when the wait time for a ride can stretch over an hour while the ride itself only lasts about 4 minutes. Disney and Co., however, still manage to attract millions of people from all around the world to come visit their amusement parks every year and make them leave happy and satisfied. 

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Brick-and-Mortar Retail - What Customers expect when Shopping

Online comes first - and the brick-and-mortar retail has difficulties to fulfill customers’ expectations. Especially in the areas product range, comfort and price, the online retail is more successful. The only advantage of the brick-and-mortar retail is the customer experience, because the customers can try on/ try out the products and take them with them directly. But what are the most important customer expectations towards the brick-and-mortar retail?

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Are Reward Systems Dead? 5 Tips on How to Really Make Shoppers Come Back for More

Have you ever wondered why people are so obsessed with Starbucks Coffee? If you have ever found yourself waiting in line at an overcrowded Starbucks for too long because the person in front of you can’t decide if they want a Grande or a Venti Latte, you probably have. But don’t worry, we have all been there. Spoiler: It’s not the quality of the coffee that makes people come back. It’s the reliability of the Starbucks experience that is winning over customers’ loyalty. Starbucks gives customers the feeling that the value they get from buying overpriced coffee is exceeding the costs by far. How is Starbucks doing that? The coffee giant understands that creating customer loyalty means providing meaningful value to their customers. But to do so brands have to understand what customers actually deem valuable.

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Click & Collect - This is how Retail Stores can get back their Customers

Online retailers such as e-commerce juggernaut Amazon wreak havoc on brick and mortar stores. It is no secret that more and more consumers prefer to shop from the comfort of their home and online retailers are rapidly expanding the possibilities. The explosive spread of online grocery stores and grocery deliveries is the most recent example of a fast-paced and disruptive development in the retail world that is winning over consumers, especially Millennials and Digital Natives. In fact, Millennials and Gen Xers are spending 6 hours per week shopping online in 2017, according to a statistic by BigCommerce. 

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Market Development Funds: Who says you have to bear the costs of your marketing campaign yourself?

Advertising is becoming more complicated. Millennials are now in their 20s and 30s and are heading into their prime spending years having major impact in market and consumer trends. And they are also more demanding than any other Generation has ever been making it harder for advertisers to predict and fulfil their needs. Advertising should not be simply just informative; it has to be a unique experience for its audience.  Technologies such as Retail Analytics and Retargeting are an absolute must in every company’s marketing strategy. However, these innovations are not only making every advertiser’s heart beat faster – they also cost.

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