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Click & Collect - This is how Retail Stores can get back their Customers

Online retailers such as e-commerce juggernaut Amazon wreak havoc on brick and mortar stores. It is no secret that more and more consumers prefer to shop from the comfort of their home and online retailers are rapidly expanding the possibilities. The explosive spread of online grocery stores and grocery deliveries is the most recent example of a fast-paced and disruptive development in the retail world that is winning over consumers, especially Millennials and Digital Natives. In fact, Millennials and Gen Xers are spending 6 hours per week shopping online in 2017, according to a statistic by BigCommerce. 

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Market Development Funds: Who says you have to bear the costs of your marketing campaign yourself?

Advertising is becoming more complicated. Millennials are now in their 20s and 30s and are heading into their prime spending years having major impact in market and consumer trends. And they are also more demanding than any other Generation has ever been making it harder for advertisers to predict and fulfil their needs. Advertising should not be simply just informative; it has to be a unique experience for its audience.  Technologies such as Retail Analytics and Retargeting are an absolute must in every company’s marketing strategy. However, these innovations are not only making every advertiser’s heart beat faster – they also cost.

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Brand Loyalty: Buzzword or Opportunity in Retail Customer Relations?

Is brand loyalty dead? When you look at the numbers, it’s not an entirely atypical conclusion to reach. Leading market research institute GfK noted in 2011 that, on average, brands lose about 40 percent of their regular customers per year — and this trend is on the rise. Stats like these are a fatal blow for retail-based businesses and brick and mortar stores — especially when you consider that customer purchases and activity account for up to 70 percent of the sales of a brand. 

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The Onsite Customer Experience: What do Consumers really want?

Has eCommerce now conquered in-house retail? If you believe current figures, the answer is clearly no. According to a recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey (only available in German) of customer service representatives, more than two-thirds of Germans still prefer to shop directly in stores. However, consumers seem to have higher expectations of the customer experience when shopping in-store. Just simply 'going shopping' is yesterday's news. Today's consumers demand in-depth customer service, personalized offers, diverse product selections and attractive environments.

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Welcome to the World of V-Commerce - How Amazon opened the market for voice commerce with one simple trick

July 12, 2016 might go down in history as the day when voice commerce has finally entered the world of retail. It was the day when Amazon hit its first big success with Alexa by offering exclusive deals for customers, who placed their Amazon order via the personal voice assistant during the second annual “Prime Day” – Orders were placed every second. The event has marked the beginning of voice commerce as a part of our daily lives. At least some day it will.

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11 Ways How Retailers can grow their Brand using Pop-Ups

Pop-up retail is more than just a trend. They are a highly effective business tool for offline as well as online retailers, regardless of business size, as shown by online and offline retailers alike. The temporary stores showcase a brand for any time frame between one to 120 days and reflect how consumers, especially Millennials, like to shop today. The advantages of setting up a temporary retail space are multifaceted.

MiNODES teamed up with store2be to present the top reasons of going pop-up.

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Here’s how Instagram ads boost engagement #GameChanger Part 4/4

Instagram is  one of the most relevant social networks that has it all: messaging functionality, photography filters, 24-hour Stories, live videos, and much more. In a way, Instagram is fusing the best of Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and most recently Snapchat. It is not only providing users a perfect sharing platform, but it is also creating space for advertisers to connect with their audience.

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How Snapchat is turning the attention of GenZ into cold hard cash #GameChanger Part 3/4

Snapchat’s rapid success came as a surprise to many marketers. Since its launch in 2011, it has undoubtedly proven to be one of the most important social networks and exciting marketing platforms for brands. In this post we take a deep-dive into Snapchat’s other ad formats and the opportunities that they present to marketers, namely: Geofilters, Story and Discovery ads, Snapcodes, and Spectacles

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