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Customer success stories

  • The challenge

    • Cooperation with one of Germany‘s largest luxurious shopping mall chains
    • Lack of customer behavior transparency with regard to overall traffic flows between floors and individual stores
    • Several tenants have unsatisfactory performance due to uneven customer traffic between floors
  • The MiNODES Solution

    • Floor-to-floor conversion
    • Dwell time per floor
    • Voucher campaign: Marketing performance measurement
  • The Business Impacts

    • 12% increase in conversion to promoted floor
    • Rise in dwell time by 25% on promoted floor
    • Average revenue growth by 10% during the campaign period for tenants on promoted floor
  • The challenge

    • Cooperation with a sophisticated luxury fashion brand
    • Mismatch between exclusive brand image and customer service level
    • Unclear correlation between staffing, shopping experience and sales conversion
  • The MiNODES Solution

    • Shopper count and dwell time
    • Loyalty and sales conversion
    • Identification of ill-performing stores
  • The Business Impacts

    • Optimization of resource allocation
    • Targeted sales employee training
    • Exceeding customer service expectations by 40% on average
  • The challenge

    • Cooperation with an internationally operating automotive retailer
    • Rollout of a new store layout and integration of interactive digital in-store displays
    • Lack of a unified benchmarking platform to evaluate the effect of design changes on visitor behavior
  • The MiNODES Solution

    • Customer footfall
    • Share of long-term visitors
    • Dwell-time per store section
  • The Business Impacts

    • Comparison of store performance
    • Identification of sections with highest square meter productivity, traffic increase by 30%
    • Identification of best design practices, international rollout of innovative layouts
  • The challenge

    • Cooperation with one of the leading supermarket chains in France
    • Long queues at tills and fresh counter negatively affecting customer satisfaction
    • High management input necessary with regard to short-term personnel planning
  • The MiNODES Solution

    • Waiting time analysis
    • Customer flow analysis
    • Integration of personnel planning data and alerts
  • The Business Impacts

    • Overall waiting time reduction by 20%, consequential increase in customer retention by 7%
    • Optimization of employee efficiency by 12% due to data-driven staff management
    • Eased store management due to automated live alters and weekly review reports
  • The challenge

    • Cooperation with the logistics business unit of one of the leading food retailers in Eastern Europe
    • Lack of process transparency in terms of worker movement and value creation
    • Too much time spent in non-value adding activities due to logistics inefficiencies
  • The MiNODES Solution

    • Asset Tracking with >300 Beacons
    • Zone analysis and work-flow analysis
    • Individual activity analysis for specific tasks
  • The Business Impacts

    • Optimization of operational efficiency by identifying optimal work flows
    • Reduction of time spent in non-value adding areas by 10%
    • Reduction of ‘wasted time’ spent in warehouse areas by 15% for individual activities

How can we boost your business success?

Big Data is a key value driver for brick-and-mortar retailers to succeed against the increasing e-Commerce competition. Data driven tools like Minodes and other start-ups can help to bridge the information gap of traditional stores and enable new levels of customer interaction. Peter Breuer, Director McKinsey & Company's Retail practice
Minodes' business model is focused on delivering clear so-what messages to help retailers optimize operations and marketing activities. Getting a clear view on how in-store customers behave is a groundbreaking step for understanding how to better cater to your customers and increase loyalty and store productivity. Klaus Appelhoff, Vice President EHI

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